Bird Watching


“Bird watching is a bloodless expression of man’s hunting instincts. We have substituted binoculars and cameras for the gun, but we still seek a trophy. Our search may take us no farther than a nearby meadow – Or it can lead to the cloud forests of tropical mountains.” ~ James A. Kern

For those of you who like to watch birds, we have something for everyone. For lifers (those folks making a lifelong bird list), we have a healthy population of Dusky (Blue) Grouse on the ranch, Great Grey Owls nesting a few miles away, periodic Rock Wrens right outside of camp, and Mountain Plovers just a couple of hours away for those who are up for a day trip (additional charge for day trips off of the Reserve).

Perhaps you’re more interested in life histories. Well, we have a variety of nest boxes where we monitor Mountain Bluebirds, Swallows, and House Wrens – even Kestrels and Saw Whet owls (we’re currently working on a camera in a nest box so we can watch what’s going on inside from a computer screen in the dining hall). And for those of you who just like to watch them, we have numerous bird species using our feeders, nesting in bird houses, and bathing in our ponds and bird baths right off the porch of your cabin.

This package can stand alone or be combined with any other package. Rates are the same as "Be the Biologist" package and as in that package, while we prepare meals and do dishes, you’ll be doing more “helping out”.