Our Wildlife Biologists

Dr. Craig Knowles, Senior Wildlife Biologist, earned his Bachelor of Science Degree and Masters Degree in Fish and Wildlife Management and his Ph.D in Zoology. In addition to his wildlife work, he has appeared on numerous wildlife documentaries, TV specials, magazines and newspaper articles. He has been published extensively in magazines and professional journals.

Pam Knowles earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Fish and Wildlife Management and her Masters Degree in Wildlife Biology. She has also appeared on wildlife documentaries and in magazines and newspaper articles and has been published in several magazines and professional journals.

From Kathmandu to Peru, the Himalayas to the Amazon, Craig and Pam have 60 years of combined experience as full time internationally traveled wildlife biologists and have worked with numerous government and private wildlife organizations including World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, Audubon Society, Defenders of Wildlife, National Wildlife Federation, US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Montana Dept. Fish, WIldlife & Parks, SD FIsh & Game, and several Montana Indian Tribe Fish & Game Departments, among others.

Pam and Craig own FaunaWest Wildlife Consultants, working throughout the western states as wildlife biologists, and make their home on Wild Echo Bison Reserve in the Big Belt Mountains of Montana. They are also working on books about their travels and adventures with wildlife "in their copious spare time".

Nothing can keep them from their travels, but Pam and Craig will be scheduling their wildlife assignments so they can also spend daily one on one time with you at Bison Quest.

What better way to help create your own once in a lifetime adventure.

  • We traveled to South America as part of a team of biologists funded by the New York Zoological Society to study Spectacled Bear habitat in the highland jungles of Peru.
  • In the high Andean mountains, we met the Quechwa Indians - a cheerful and generous people who made me realize how little one needs to be happy. And who reminded me, again, how rich we are here in the US, and how much we take for granted.
  • We went to Pakistan as part of a US team of biologists to "teach wildlife management" to the wildlife biologists there,
  • In our travels, we discovered that it's hard to manage wildlife if your environment is so heavily populated by people that there isn't any room for the wildlife.
  • We have learned that it's hard to care if a blackbuck has enough food to eat, if your children don't.
  • Traveling the world has taught us that we are the ones with much to learn about our world.
  • Trips like these taught us the value of wild lands, and how tenuous and precious they are. We just don't realize how lucky we are in the US that we have an abundance of public lands for our wildlife, and for us.