2021 Rates

“Twenty years from now you will regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.” — Mark Twain

Own the Ranch!

  • $1500/night for 1 to 4 guests
  • Add $250 night for each additional guest
    • No charge for children 5 and under
    • 50% discount for children 6 to 12
    • 25% discount for children under 18

What’s included?

Privacy! This isn’t your typical vacation where you are sharing your space with more strangers than you can count. This is YOUR vacation.

  • All guide services on the Ranch
  • Binoculars, spotting scopes, even cameras are available for your use while with us
  • All lodging and complimentary breakfast while on the Ranch Accomodations
  • A myriad of unique activities you simply won’t find anywhere else Activities
  • A complimentary DVD of your Bison Quest adventure

BisonQuest for a day

Your Bison Quest adventure runs from 1pm to 5pm and includes:

• Bison Interaction Program
• Bison and wildlife photography ops
• Ranch Tour
• Complimentary Afternoon “Tea” (which can include mini sandwiches with a bison meat base if you’d like to taste bison) at the BisonQuest camp.

Rates: $150 for adults; $75 for children (5–12 yrs); Under 18 must have an adult present. Minimum charge of $400.


A deposit of 25% is required to confirm your reservation and rates at the time of booking, with the balance of the package rate due 30 days prior to your arrival date. Because of the limited number of groups, deposits are not refundable less than 60 days before your arrival date, but may be credited toward a future visit if you need to change dates. If you wish to change the dates of your stay, you must notify our office in writing. After 30 days prior to your arrival date, you will be charged for the entire time of your reservation. We accept personal checks, credit cards or payment via paypal.

This is a wilderness experience and activities are subject to change or substitution because of weather or unforeseen circumstances. Since we only work with one private group at a time, we do have the flexibility to move many of our activities to different days if it helps provide you with the best experience possible.