Come on a Bison Quest

Come on a Bison Quest

– for the experience of a lifetime in a single day!

Filmed by “Big Ideas for a Small Planet” on the Sundance Channel, NatGeoTV, CBS Price is Right, ABC 60 minutes, …

For an unforgettable Western adventure, join internationally traveled wildlife biologists, Dr Craig and Pam Knowles, in a close encounter with the Wild Echo bison herd high in Montana’s mountains. Relax in the tipis and enjoy a complimentary “tea” surrounded by bison, then learn about the behavior, history and ecology of the largest land mammal in North America (yup, even bigger than grizzly bears!) during a “hands on” afternoon.

This experience is available year round with reservations.  This is a remote ranch, however, and there are times that winter conditions may cut off access for a day or two.  If our road closes to the extent that we cannot even come to pick you up at the highway, any deposits will be refunded.

Start the afternoon with an introduction to the Wild Echo Bison herd in the high country of the Big Belt mountains just a little over an hour north of Bozeman, Montana.

When you arrive at the ranch headquarters around 1pm, we’ll have you transfer into a 4 wheel drive ranch truck (we don’t allow any private vehicles around the herd because of the damage potential) and we’ll head out to find the herd. We’ll introduce you to Warf, the herd bull, and the dominant cows with their calves. Luckily, since most of the “moms” are very used to us, they come up to the truck to get their share of the oats – and Junior comes right along with them. There aren’t many places you can sit and watch baby bison play tag with each other just a stone’s throw away!

Your Bison Quest adventure runs from 1pm to 5pm and includes:

• Bison Interaction Program
• Bison and wildlife photography ops
• Ranch Tour
• Complimentary Afternoon “Tea” (which can include mini sandwiches with a bison meat base if you’d like to taste bison) at the BisonQuest camp.

Rates: $150 for adults; $75 for children (5–12 yrs); Under 18 must have an adult present. Minimum charge of $400.

Call 406-202-2377 for reservations.