Sweat Lodge

“The sweat lodge utilizes all powers of the universe: earth, and things that grow from the earth; water; fire; and air.” ~Black Elk

For those interested, we can end our evening with a journey into the past and experience the ancient purification rites of the sweat lodge. Sweats have been used since the beginning of man for a variety of purposes including purification, healing, and to symbolize the beginning of a new life. Besides, they're just plain fun!

There are as many different sweat lodge types as there are groups of people who use them, but ours has been built in traditional Assiniboine fashion (the Assiniboine people are one of the current Montana tribes). Although we will share with you some of the traditions used by Native Americans here in Montana, the sweat will be uniquely yours.

While we were taught how to build sweat lodges by an Assiniboine medicine man, we do not try to recreate any of the ceremonies here. Those belong to the tribes that have used them for hundreds of years and we do not feel comfortable "copying" them. The ideas behind them, however, are a celebration of life, thanksgiving, and reverence for other living things. We believe that those truths are universal and we want to share them with you here at BisonQuest.