Lose Weight and Love it!


“Eat to live, don’t live to eat.” ~Benjamin Franklin (But we say you should love what you eat!)

We live in a society where most of our jobs are low on the activity scale and high on the stress scale, with lives that are overwhelmingly busy. Put all of these factors together and eating becomes a way to relax or escape. What’s really ironic is that often what we eat at those times isn’t good for us and doesn’t even taste great.

We are not nutritionists, dieticians, or medical experts. We’re not a ”fat camp”. We’re just ordinary folks who have found that you CAN have your cake and eat it too – it just has to be the right kind of cake, and balanced against the right sort of choices.

So, based on our guests’ suggestions, we’ve put together this package combining the fun of working with wild things, while learning that low calorie and fabulous taste do go together, can be easy to make and rewarding to eat. We’ll show you that adding exercise to your life can be exhilarating and that there are ways to lose weight, reduce stress, stay active and enjoy life without making yourself miserable.

A healthy lifestyle is all about the choices you make. While we can’t make those choices for you, we can show you that there are many more available to you than you might think, and most of them are quite simple. Come join us for a week or a weekend of wildlife, nature walks, bison, and great tasting food.