Wildlife “Living Rooms”

“Humans spend a lot of time and money making their living rooms more conducive to ease and comfort. Wildlife biologists call that habitat manipulation.” ~Pam Knowles

There are a lot of things we can do to make the "living rooms" of our wildlife ranch residents more comfortable as well, so we have numerous projects underway to improve, and/or protect, wildlife habitat for those who want to do something a little physical. Some of these include:

• Aspen enclosures: Aspen is an important wildlife tree, so we are fencing around groves of aspen to protect the small trees from the bison (they just love to use their horns to level the little guys). The fences are simple “jack leg” fences that are super easy, and quite fun, to put up.

• Nothing's more fun than playing around in the stream on a hot summer day. We call it "stream improvement".

• Making and putting up new bird houses is always a fun activity.

• Elimination of invasive non-native plants (getting rid of the weeds).

• Piling slash and old deadfall to be burned during periods of wet weather to reduce fuel levels. If we’re lucky enough to have some wet weather, we just love doing some big bonfires.