Bison Quest camp – 1813 or 2014?

Our Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne style tipis are available as places to relax, read, or sit around a campfire. And, of course, the tipis are available for any adventurous souls who wish to spend a night this mystical dwelling. We use the Sioux spelling for tipi.

Tipis combine the relaxation, inspiration and tranquility of living deep in the natural environment while being immersed in the history of the native people who first used it. To the Native American of the Plains, the tipi was eminently practical. It was warm in the winter, cool in the summer, portable, strong and easy to set up. The tall slender cones filled with diffuse light, providing a place for the spirit to soar. The circular plan mirrored nature... the seasons, the earth, the sky and life itself.

For a true back to nature experience, nothing can match the pleasure of relaxing in a tipi surrounded by a powerful bison herd, in the magnificent Montana wilderness.