What kind of vacation do you need?

Bison Quest is available to only one private group at a time - yours!

One of our goals here at Wild Echo Bison Ranch is to give you a new appreciation and love for the beauty of our natural world and the creatures that inhabit it. As a working “buffalo” ranch, we have a resident herd of these shaggy remnants from the Ice Age, and as wildlife biologists, we have numerous plant and wildlife studies going on here at the Ranch. So whether your interest is in fur, feathers, flowers, or photography, we have something for anyone who loves nature. So take a walk on the wild side and

Come join us for a look at the real “Wild West”!

Do you want to “Own” the Ranch?

Enjoy having live-in wildlife biologists take care of both the bison and you. Where there are no other guests on the entire ranch - it all belongs to you and yours for the time that you are here. Perfect for families, retreats, small family reunions, or just those who need to get away from it all in a private setting.


Do you want to be one of the wildlife biologists?

Join us and spend time learning, and doing, the kinds of things that wildlife biologists do! This vacation can be guaranteed entirely private if there are 4 or more in your group and is ideal for families with children or a group of friends. We also have some scheduled "weeks" for singles, couples, or small groups who are willing to share their vacation with like-minded individuals.


Come On a Bison Quest for the experience of a lifetime in a single day!

For an unforgettable Western adventure, join internationally traveled wildlife biologists, Dr Craig and Pam Knowles, in a close encounter with the Wild Echo bison herd high in Montana’s mountains about an hour north of Bozeman, Montana. Relax in the tipi and enjoy a complimentary "buffalo tea time" surrounded by bison, then learn about the behavior, history and ecology of the largest land mammal in North America (yup, even bigger than grizzly bears!) during a "hands on" afternoon.